Fiesta Float Maintenance -2024

The club’s commitment to this recurring community event was on full (behind the scenes) display on July 7th. Tim had coordinated the fabrication of some new connection point devices for the floats. These were needed to ensure safe handling through the unstack/restack portion of the float storage.

Thanks Tim for leading the way in both the development of the solution, fabrication and preparation for others to help in the upgrade action.

While there was some precautionary spider relocation work needed, teams were quickly deployed underneath and above each float in the stack.

These teams were then supported by members who were outside the stack coming up with solutions and additional tools when some of the bolts resisted to cooperate with the plan They also helped ensure those above were pairing with the team underneath as each of the 32 connection points were addressed

While some of the work was rather dirty, and some people looked like they were taking a siesta mid task,

it truly was many hands and a combined time donation of over 15 hours (not counting fabrication time) that made it come together

Next phase. Unstacking