One of our members Brent gave a “GMRS 101 Seminar”. The club has recently switched to using GMRS as a primary means of communications when on the road and this was intended to help educate and get members aligned before hitting the trails.

The feedback and real-world demonstrations were very helpful for those just starting out or considering switching from CB to GMRS.

SB4WD Off Road Safety

When we are going offroading, we want to be a safe. Here is a list of the safety equipment you should have:

  1. Roll Bar or Metal Top
  2. Seat belt for each occupant
  3. Functional emergency brake or micro-lock
  4. Functional tow points
  5. Fire Extinguisher
Additional “Recommended” Safety Equipment

  • First Aid Kit
  • Tow Rope, Strap, Cable, Chain and Shackles
  • CB or UHF/VHF Radio