"Base Camp" in Pismo

Pismo Dunes July 2023

A few of our club members did an impromptu trip to Pismo State Beach Oceano Campground and Ocean Dunes OHV. Here’s a summary from Sebastian who coordinated the gathering

Saturday we went early had the place mostly for ourselves, we drove around for a couple of hours having a lot of fun

Mid morning or so Jerry and Linda showed up, we spend some time at our break room (we set up the easy up), they went to get a flag and we went to get some more sand.  The way over to the drive area was super foggy, but it was clear on the dunes.

We drove around for another couple hours or so, got stuck twice!  

Couple of learned lessons: air down to 15 (we were around 18), and take the hills and loose sand with a more speed.  Lucky for us Jerry has a winch.   The 2nd time we used a rope and that was good enough.  

We headed to more compacted once we were mobile again, another Jeepster (new 4xe) joined the group, going around having fun for his first time (with his daughter), he said he got stuck once and some quad folks pushed him out.  

For some weird reason he thought we knew our way and he followed us. In any case, we drove around some more, and made our way out towards the beach, avoiding the big hills and drops.

At that point we had enough, so we went to have lunch (and Margaritas). On the way out we saw one of the state park trucks stuck into a huge hole.  

The beach area was taken a lot by the high tide.  Lots of people around though. On the way out, we saw more emergency vehicles (including a giant tractor, maybe to pull the truck out)  

Jerry and Linda drove home after that, we went to have a siesta at the trailer, for dinner we went to a local brewery. It was a lot of fun!  

We spent two nights at a campground right at the entrance of the dunes, on Sunday morning we drove to Oso Flaco Lake for a walk around, then packed up and came back to SB.