Owens Lake / Cerro Gordo 2022

This is a regularly planned trip which is usually around the Memorial Day holiday. We had a decent size group camping, and a smaller group for the offroad run on Saturday.

There were 3 rigs in total for the run, and it was a great day on the trail. We started being a group at the trailhead, but they had a dual-sport bike which was having some issues with the terrain and hills and the group let us pass by. After that, we ran into only 1 other vehicle the whole day and no trail traffic at all.

Trip Details
Distance 55.0 mi
Total Time 5h 35m
Moving Time 3h 25m
Stopped Time 2h 10m

Elevation Details
Ascent 8,644 ft
Descent 8,575 ft
Max Elevation 9,577 ft
Min Elevation 3,557 ft