Come Meet The Club
Meetings held at Rusty's Pizza Parlor 111 State St on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Get there a bit early and get yourself some food, and sit down and enjoy !!!

Come to one of our meetings....Find out Where we have been & Where we are planning to go. You'll meet some of our members, and who knows....maybe you'll want to use your rig for more than getting to work !!!!!!!

We often visit old Historical Sites.  
This is the Calico Ghost Town.  You know, the one you pass every time you go to Vegas.  The trails at Calico are from mild to wild.

Sunny and mildy warm...and snow just minutes away....
Come and Join us....you'll be seeing and feeling raw beauty
from a whole new perspective.  4000 feet and climbing !!!
Fun in the Sun,

Welcome Fellow Four wheelers

The Santa Barbara 4wd Club, a local chapter of the California Association of 4wd Clubs Inc. is a diversified group of off-road enthusiasts located in beautiful Santa Barbara, Ca.  We enjoy all types of off-roading from sand sports to rocks and snow, we do it all. We look forward to meeting new people who want to come out and wheel with us and join our diverse group of friends in our club. We are dedicated to safety and the preservation of our sport and the environment.  

Check Out Our Upcoming Events:   

Have questions about joining our club or any of our upcoming events ???   
eMail us at:  admin@santabarbara4wdclub.com

NOTE: You must be a member of Santa Barbara 4wd Club to log in.  

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From Dirt, Sand & Rocks of all sizes....
We try to go to places most folks don't ever get to see.  
This picture was taken in the Alabama Hills....just below Mt. Whitney and the place where hundreds of Western's were filmed.

Yup...places like this, roughly 4 hours away.