Member Rigs

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Please send a picture and blurb describing your rig to: "admin (at) SantaBarbara4wdClub (dot) com"
Year: 1946
Make: Jeep
Model: CJ-2A
Engine: Buick 225 V6 Oddfire, Holley 390 CFM Carb
Transmission: T18
Transfercase: Dana 18
Front Axle: Dana 27, open, 5.38
Rear Axle: Dana 44, ARB, Warn Full Float Kit, 5.38
Tires: BFG 33x10.50 MT/KM
Extras: Warn 9000lb Winch, Onboard air
Here's a preview of some stuff that Brian has put together: 
This page is dedicated to the real heroes of our club, our rigs.  Yes, yes, the start of the run involves a lot of high faluten talk at the gas station while we all fill up.  We talk nuts and bolts, and tires, and lifts, and travel and approach/departure angles, and horsepower, and accomplishments of the past.  But later that day when the skill was all talk, and the luck has run out - liquid courage has us hammering the right pedal, then our hero (or heroine) really pulls us through. 
Well here they are. 

X-Pres Chris.  A staunch supporter of the right pedal.  His Bronco always pulls through.  (I want my tires back!)

Jeff Waco, as crazy as they come.  This rig has two right pedals, each one gooses a hamster.   Not sure if this is fluffy, or frisky, or some other questionable name better reserved for a cat gone astray.

This guy aint in our club.  Wish he was.  Man what a cool rig.  Not sure this guy even needs a right pedal.

Dude!  Thats a blazer. 
Nothing stops this thing.
Ken Cromby.  Mild mannered.  Father. Husband.  Yeah, and then you hear the maniacle laughter as he gives it right pedal action.  Watch out Ken, look who's driving now!
President Dick. ( AKA Nixon ) OK, so I made that up.  Always showing up us rowdy youngsters.  Pure style, AND A V-8 CRAMMED INTO THAT LIGHTWEIGHT WWII RELIC! Keep wheelin Dick.